Party rooms in festive and beautiful surroundings

At Dalby Hotel, we have a number of different party rooms that, with their cozy decor and charm, invite you to a party you will never forget. We have four different party rooms, where we can hold events with up to 70 guests in the largest room, so if you have plans to hold a wonderful party in South Zealand near Køge and Næstved, we have the right setting for you.

The unforgettable party

If you are having a wedding, family party, anniversary or similar and lack the right place for the party, then you need look no further. At Dalby Hotel, our welcoming staff and party rooms ensure a party you will never forget. The good service, the delicious food and the scenic surroundings create the ideal setting for your upcoming party.

Our party rooms
At Dalby Hotel we have four different party rooms that vary in size and design:

  • ​​Party Hall – It is as the name suggests well suited for the big party. It is the largest of our party rooms with room for up to 70 guests. From the ballroom there is access to our scenic garden and the green areas, which is ideal for pictures and welcome drink, weather permitting.
  • Balkony – ​The newest of our party rooms with room for about 45 people. The hall also has access to a large and nice terrace, where for example the welcome can be enjoyed, or where guests can get some fresh air when needed.
  • The Garden Room – ​Our garden room is a nice and bright room where smaller parties with up to 25 people can be held. Here there is access to a lovely lawn where the welcome can take place when the weather allows it.
  • Restaurant – ​In our lovely restaurant with the freely hanging balcony we can in special cases hold events with up to 45 guests. From the restaurant, the idyllic view of our beautiful garden can be enjoyed.
  • For more information about our party rooms or to book your next party, please contact us by phone 56 39 81 06 or email​

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