As newlyweds, Anni & Mogens Nielsen built a house on Mogen's father's land, which has now developed into Dalby Hotel & Restaurant Bregnen.

Annie wanted to be more than just a housewife and when the house was on the country road, in 1955 they had a tank system with petrol & oil installed.

Annie looked after the pumps - untraditional for a girl at the time - and if there were problems with the spark plugs, for example, Mogens was called in from his work on his father's land.

6 rooms in 1959

There was family increase and the house was no longer big enough. Therefore, Mogens built a laundry and when they regularly received inquiries about accommodation options, in 1959 6 rooms were built on top of the laundry.

15 double rooms in 1973

Over the next 12-15 years, Annie and Mogens received many overnight guests, which is why a wing with 15 double rooms was built in 1973. Guests began to ask about dining options in addition to breakfast. The Nielsen family talked just a little about it, had a few lines drawn on the back of some Christmas paper and in 1982 a restaurant, banquet room and kitchen had been built for the motel.

13 rooms in 1985

After a couple of years, where the Nielsen family repeatedly had to send guests on, in 1985 another wing was built with 13 rooms and a free-hanging balcony in the restaurant. After 33 years, Annie & Mogens closed the tank facility and a few days later the plate and shop were converted into a reception with a facility in front with green plants, fountains and goldfish.

Owner today

Today, the hotel is no longer owned by Annie & Mogens. Dalby Hotel and Restaurant Bregnen is now run by Pia Malene Møller and Martin Perch Møller, who continue with the hotel's good spirit of always good service.

Our "WHY" is to provide our guests with an authentic country hotel experience.

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