Conference can be held at Dalby Hotel

​Welcome to your favorite conference center in South Zealand. With our welcoming and competent staff and our fine premises, we at Dalby Hotel are also extremely suitable for holding your next conference and meetings.


We can put together a solution tailored to your needs, with everything that belongs when a conference is to be held. We have the right premises and the material you need. We can provide food and drink during the meeting or a conference, and we can even arrange any overnight stays at conferences lasting several days.

Conferences and meetings

​At Dalby Hotel, we have extensive experience in holding various conferences and meetings. Our spacious and bright rooms invite to meetings and / or conferences with up to about 70 participants.

We have three different departments designed to create the calm atmosphere that is a necessity during a conference.

Should a break from the meeting or conference be necessary, our participants also have access to the large green area that belongs to our hotel.

Menus at conference

​Of course, when holding a conference with us, we also offer a delicious and varied menu. We always use fresh seasonal ingredients, which creates a fresh and varied menu. Of course, we always make sure to put together the menu according to the needs of our course participants or meeting guests.

For more information about holding a conference at Dalby Hotel in Haslev, you can order our conference material by filling out the form on the right. For further information or to book an upcoming conference, please contact us by phone 56 39 81 06 or email​

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