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At Dalby Hotel & Restaurant Bregnen, we have been working with sustainability for many years – perhaps without knowing it. And we have that because sustainability is also good business - it's healthy for your business.

With the UN's global goals in mind, it has probably not gone unnoticed that it is more and more essential that we all think about it and change our habits. It is now increasingly visualized through certifications, which we will also access when the right ones come. At the moment, it is simply not financially sound, as it would be unnecessary capital to tie up certification for something we already do.

We have also signed up Refood, which in several ways contributes positively to our guests and us as a company. Our food waste is sorted and recycled for energy. We pay less to have our residual waste collected, as the part that is collected for Refood is settled with a fixed price, whereas at the time when it came in residual waste it was settled per kilo. All in all, a super good solution for everyone.

In addition, our focus is on energy optimization on everything from light to heat and water consumption.

We have made managerial decisions about our personnel composition, which therefore consists of a wide range of different types of employees. We have e.g. two employed in flexible jobs. It is a fantastic solution for us as a small company to have employees available who are happy not to have to work 37 hours a week. There are many tasks in a hotel and in a restaurant which can be solved with advantage by part-time employees with different qualifications.

In addition, we are committed to helping with internships, where citizens need clarification of what they can manage to work with, how many hours and how is their physical or mental state in connection with entering the labor market again after e.g. . an accident or an illness. It is incredibly rewarding as a workplace to be able to contribute to getting fellow human beings up and running again.

We even seem to have a little sunshine story with an employee who comes to us for an internship, as the employee has become too "skilled" in his previously more protected workplace. After some time of learning and hard work on the part of the employee, it has now become the case that we have employed the employee on a completely "normal" contract, where neither the municipality nor others are involved - the employee is now master of his own life and has proven to be able to contest a job on labor market terms – it's absolutely fantastic.

We will continue our work and make an effort to live up to the expectations placed on us as a company in a rapidly changing world order.

We look forward to giving you an authentic hotel experience in the countryside!

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